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Single Tooth Implants: Replacing a Missing Tooth

Losing a tooth is a stressful experience, especially when you think about the new struggles you will have to encounter. It’s not just about chewing food; it’s also about how comfortable you are when talking or smiling with friends and family members. However, the good news is that dental implants provide an excellent opportunity to regain your lost or broken teeth. Dental implants come in different variations to fit your specific needs. For instance, if you miss only one tooth and want it replaced, single tooth implants will be the perfect solution for you.

With single tooth implants, you can replace the missing or broken tooth with an artificial one. The advantage is that your new artificial tooth will look good and feel natural while still being stable enough for chewing. Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal dentistry procedure to replace your missing or broken tooth, read on to find out how single tooth implants work.

What are Single Tooth Implants?

Single tooth implants are small titanium posts that act like your natural teeth. They are used to replace a single missing or broken tooth with an artificial one. After the procedure, these implants will improve the appearance of your smile and provide you comfort in chewing food. Regaining your beautiful smile and the ability to chew any food are among the many reasons you should get a dental implant.

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Single Tooth Dental Implant Procedure

When you visit a dental office for a single-tooth implant procedure, you will go through five basic processes. You will only get your new artificial teeth at the end of these five processes. Here are the processes you should be prepared for:

Oral Surgeon Consultation

After scheduling your appointment, the dentist will take you through an initial oral consultation. In the consultation, you will discuss your tooth loss or injury and the past medication you received. Your dentist will assess whether single dental implant surgery is a good option for you from this information.

Dental Evaluation

After the consultation, the oral surgeon carefully inspects all aspects of your jaw where single tooth implants can be placed. At this point, the doctor performs a thorough examination of the adjacent teeth to determine if they need to be modified or removed. In some cases, the surgeon may also perform a biopsy to check for abnormalities in your gums and bones.

The dentist will take X-rays and do CT-scan imaging to get a better picture of your mouth. He or she will also use the imaging tools to determine where the single dental implant should go and what type of restoration is best for the implant. From the analysis of the X-ray photographs, the dentist will determine if the jaw bone is sufficient to receive a single dental implant. If this is not the case, you will have to undergo bone grafting procedures before placing the implant.

Surgeon’s Opinion

After examining you, the oral surgeons will provide you with their professional opinion about performing single tooth implants on you. You will be informed of what needs to be done during surgery so that everything goes smoothly when you come in for the single tooth implant procedure.

Dental Implant Placement Process

In this tooth replacement option, you will undergo oral dental implant surgery to replace your missing tooth.

Oral Surgery Preparation

In this step, your oral surgeon will give you specific instructions on preparing before proceeding with the surgery. The surgeon does this to ensure safety of the highest level during the operation. You have to follow these instructions to get the best results.

Titanium Post Placement

Before the surgery, you will be given a local anesthetic to numb the area of the surgery. Then, your oral surgeon will make a small incision in your gum to access the jawbone. A socket will be drilled in the jawbone where a titanium post will be placed. The titanium post will then serve as the root of your replacement tooth.

After the surgery, the gum will be stitched back together, and the titanium post will gradually fuse with your jawbone to form a strong base for your replacement tooth. The dental crowns will not be attached for about 3 to 6 months as this is the time required for the gum to heal.

Placing the Abutment

After your jaw heals, the dentist will attach an abutment to the titanium post. The abutment serves as a platform where your dental crowns will be attached to form an artificial replacement tooth that looks and functions like natural teeth. The abutment is made from surgical-grade steel or cobalt-chromium to rhyme well with your adjacent natural teeth.

Fitting and Placing Dental Crown

Impressions of your teeth are taken, and a dental lab creates your final crowns. According to implant dentistry, teeth impressions are crucial for creating the perfect dental crowns that look and function like your missing tooth.

The final step is for your dentist to attach the dental crown on top of the abutment over a titanium post. In some cases, the implantation surgery may require multiple dental implants if you have lost more than one tooth in different parts of your mouth. The dental crown is made of porcelain or ceramic because these materials resemble enamel in color and texture. Therefore, you don’t have to get worried about your shiny new replacement tooth not matching your natural teeth.

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Situations in Which You May Need Single Tooth Implants

There are situations that may make a single dental implant suitable for you. The most common situations you will need single tooth implants for a beautiful smile and comfortable chewing include:

Missing front or back tooth: Single dental implants are recommended if you have lost one of your front teeth because these missing teeth affect your appearance and confidence. A single dental implant can also replace a back tooth if removed due to decay, gum disease, or injury. You will be able to chew your food naturally with these artificial teeth.

Replacing single tooth: If you lose a single tooth in the center of your mouth, it will significantly affect the structure and function of adjacent teeth. A single dental implant can be used to replace this missing tooth so you can chew properly without any difficulty or discomfort.

Missing more than one tooth in different locations: If you have lost more than one tooth in different locations, your doctor may recommend a single dental implant to replace all these teeth. A single titanium post can be used in place of many natural roots and gum tissues, making it easier for the surgeon during oral surgery procedures.

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Single-Tooth Implant Cost

The single tooth dental implant cost varies based on various factors. Some of the common factors that will impact the cost of your single tooth implant are:

  • Location: The cost of single tooth implantation is higher in cities like New York and Los Angeles. The costs associated with procedures are influenced by local labor rates, real estate rental value for clinics, equipment prices, among other factors.
  • Type of Dental Implant Placed: The most common option is the metal-ceramic dental implant or titanium post that will be inserted into your jawbone. However, if you are looking for a dental implant that will last longer and doesn’t require replacement now and then, the zirconia dental implants may be your best bet. However, they are pretty expensive.
  • Surgeon Experience: Your surgeon’s experience also plays a vital role in determining the cost of a single tooth replacement procedure. Highly experienced and skilled dentists will charge more for their services.

With these factors in mind, the average cost of a single tooth implant is $3,000-$4,500.

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Variations of Dental Implants

Apart from the single tooth dental implants, there are other common dental implants you can choose from based on your conditions. The common types of dental implants that can be used to replace your missing tooth are:

All-on-4 Dental Implants

This procedure is recommended for replacing multiple missing teeth. The all-on-4 dental implant surgery replaces the complete upper or lower jaw with immediate loading of artificial replacement teeth that will restore your smile and chewing power over time

Dental Bridge Implants

If you have lost one or more teeth but still have enough healthy natural teeth left, you can consider getting a dental bridge implant. A dental bridge is also known as a fixed prosthesis. It’s made up of two parts; an artificial tooth (crown) that will replace the missing tooth and a tooth attached to adjacent teeth for support.

Dental Implants with Dentures

Many patients who have lost all their teeth may look for an alternative to conventional dentures. This is because traditional dentures are uncomfortable and take time to adjust with your natural gums, cheeks, and tongue. You can opt for dental implant dentures if you want a set of implant-supported complete upper or lower replacement teeth fixed in place.

Full-Mouth Dental Implants

One of the most costly procedures, a full-mouth dental implant, is best for people who have lost all their teeth. This procedure replaces your complete arch with artificial replacement teeth that are attached to implants placed in upper and lower jaws. The cost of this single tooth implantation surgery can vary depending on various factors like surgeon experience, type of implant used, and location.

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How Does the New Implant Crown Look and Feel?

Before permanently locking the crown, your dentist will ask you to bite down on a carbon paper to monitor the bite alignment. If the dentist realizes that the crown did not fit well, he or she will readjust it until a proper fit is obtained. You will be asked to check and feel the crown after every adjustment. In this way, the dentist seeks to ensure a comfortable look and feel. The dentists will stop adjusting the crown once you confirm that you are comfortable with it to make it comfortable for you.

When you leave the dental office, you should expect your new crown to feel slightly different from normal teeth. It may take time for you to get used to it and develop the chewing power that will allow you to bite into hard foods like apples or carrots again. Consider the following factors when assessing the new dental implant:

The Feel of the Bite

The crown should feel like your own teeth when you bite down. The dentist should provide a temporary restoration to ensure it feels right before proceeding with the permanent dental crown.

Pressure on Adjacent Teeth

The crown should not press on your teeth. If it does, the dentist should adjust the fit or remold the restoration by adding a thicker layer of ceramic material. You should pay close attention to this to ensure that your adjacent teeth are protected from future damages.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching

Your new dental crowns may make you clench harder than expected due to the lack of sensation in your jaw joints. If you start noticing a click or bump on your new crown, consult the dentist to adjust it.

The Appearance of Your Teeth

Make sure that the color and size match with existing teeth so that it appears natural. If you feel that the color is too bright, ask your dentist to apply a protective glaze over it. Remember, a single tooth implant should match both the color and texture of your surrounding teeth.

Crown Stability

Your new dental crowns should remain stable. If you feel that they are moving or bouncing, consult with your dentist about it immediately. Loose dental crowns are dangerous for the surrounding teeth and also your health. For instance, if the crown gets dislodged from the abutment and accidentally swallowed, it can cause severe complications in your digestive system. You will have to undergo major surgery to remove it.

Single Tooth Dental Implant Should Look and Feel Just Like Your Natural Teeth

At Ivory Dental Manteca, we ensure a natural fit of all dental implants by customizing them based on the impressions taken from a patient’s mouth. Therefore, you should not be worried about getting implants that do not fit the color, size, and texture of your natural teeth. Call us today via (209)-249-0213.

Single-Tooth Implants Aftercare

Most patients forget about the aftercare practices because of the high comfort they experience after a single tooth implant procedure. Although you will feel more comfortable after undergoing this operation, you should adhere to some aftercare practices. It’s the best way to keep your new tooth strong and ensure it lasts long. Here are some dentist-recommended aftercare practices:

  • Eat soft foods after receiving a dental implant: you will find it difficult to chew on hard foods at first. Therefore, you should eat soft food like yogurt or ice cream to let your teeth heal faster. Avoid all tough and crunchy foods while waiting to get used to these implants.
  • Brush your new crowns daily: Remember, your new tooth is very delicate after the procedure. You can remove plaque and bacteria by brushing them gently with an extra soft-bristled brush at least twice a day. As the crowns fit and heals, you can gradually progress to using the regular toothbrush.

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