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7 Reasons Why You Should Get A Dental Implant

Missing teeth can lead to a variety of health problems like oral pain, headaches, and even cardiovascular diseases. The best way to fix missing teeth is by using dental implants as they give a natural look to the teeth.

Dental implants are designed to look and feel just like natural teeth, but they’re stronger than your real ones. They serve as an anchor for replacement teeth that look great and last a lifetime. The decision to have implants done may be difficult, but it’s worth looking into if you’re interested in having a better smile or improving your oral health!

This post will explore the seven most important reasons to schedule an appointment with our experienced dentist for a dental implant if you have broken or missing teeth.

A dental implant is a titanium rod that is surgically placed into the jawbone where it fuses with the bone over time. After this process is completed, you will have a permanent tooth replacement. You can choose from four common types of dental implants: Full Mouth Dental Implants, All-on-4 Implants, Implant Supported Dentures, and Single Dental Implants. 

Let’s now look at the reasons you should get a dental implant.

1. To Retain Good Oral Hygiene

Dental implants prevent food particles from getting stuck between teeth and periodontal pockets. The focus here is to eliminate any gaps in your mouth that can become breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. If allowed to breed in your mouth, bacteria can cause inflammation in the gums, leading to tooth loss. Moreover, the bacteria attack your teeth, causing them to fracture, decay, and fall out over time. Full-mouth dental implants are excellent to avoid all these issues since they are built to last longer than natural ones. Therefore, getting a tooth implant is the sure way to long-term oral health.

2. Dental Implants Are More Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants and artificial teeth look and function like natural ones. You can choose from various designs, sizes, colors to fit your needs and match the color of your existing teeth.

One defining characteristic of implant teeth is that they form a solid attachment with the bone in your jaw. Implant teeth are able to achieve this attachment because they are made of titanium, a metal that fuses well with any living bone. When you get an implant inserted through a minor procedure by an experienced dentist, it will fuse permanently to your jaws after several months. At the end of this process, your replacement teeth or tooth will be in shape and natural.

3. Protect Yourself Against Bone Loss

Bone loss is a common condition that can happen to you if your teeth are gone for too long. As the bones around missing teeth wither, they reveal more of the jawbone and make them appear longer than before. The process also makes it easier for gum disease to take hold because there’s less bone structure protecting your gums from infection.

Your teeth are essential for stimulating the growth of your jawbone. Through this stimulation, your jawbone remains healthy. You should understand that when you lose even one tooth, the jaw beneath starts to resorb. The impact of this is a collapse of your jawbone which eventually gives you a prematurely aged appearance. Therefore, the best way to halt this process is by getting affordable dental implants.

4. Improve Your Physical Appearance

Dental implants are modern teeth replacements that are more natural than removable dentures. They are attached to the bone and give you an increased jaw appearance, making your teeth appear larger than before. This improves how people perceive your physical look since there is a significant improvement in facial aesthetics.

As dental implants fuse solidly in your jaw, removable dentures do not. The danger of this is that the dentures may become loose and fall off from the jaw. Such an unexpected event can embarrass you. As a result, it is advisable to get a tooth implant to enhance your physical appearance permanently.

5. Improve Your Speech

Many people have problems pronouncing words due to teeth loss. Teeth are used when making certain sounds. Therefore, when you lose them, your speech becomes impaired and unclear. When you get invited to speak at a function, the audience will not get your points clearly, which will interrupt your speech.

Dental implants provide a solution to this problem since they help restore the lost jaw bone in its entirety and give you normal speech again. Dental implants will enhance your speech, whereby you will articulately deliver your message.

6. Dental Implants Are Easy To Care For

Dental implants do not need any specialized care from the one you give your natural teeth. You only need to brush your teeth as you would typically do, floss them just like you have been doing before, and, if possible, visit the dentist for a regular checkup. If you decide to go for removable dentures, you have to incur other expenses in terms of storage. Removable dentures require specialized gadgets where they will be kept, especially at night. Moreover, you will need a specialized fluid to clean them regularly.

You will never be required to soak your dental implant in a glass or apply adhesives and creams, as with removable dentures. Therefore, you should choose dental implants as they will give you permanent peace of mind in terms of care.

7. Dental Implants Are Durable

Dental implants are manufactured from high-quality materials that can last long without any complications. They are also designed to enable the replacement of worn-out parts. As a result, you will not require replacements for several years even though they are exposed to daily wear and tear.

Properly cared-for dental implants are meant to last a lifetime. Due to their durability, you will only need to brush them after meals. Additionally, you can visit a dentist after a given duration for routine checkups to ensure all is well.

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